December 7, 2023

4 Features To Know About Kwadron Cartridges

4 Features To Know About Kwadron Cartridges

Before investing in KWADRON cartridges, there are several important features to know about the company. These include the Sublime magnum cartridge, the Optima line of ultra-fine needles, and the Safety membrane. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of each of these features. You’ll be able to make an informed decision about which needle to use.

Look for sublime magnum cartridges:

If you’re planning to buy a new tattoo pen, you’ll want to check out the Sublime magnum cartridges. Developed by Kwadron, these new tattoo needle cartridges have a special surface on the interior walls of the tip that allows the needle to glide smoothly against the surface without splashing back. The innovative needle stabilizing system helps ensure precise work and is very quiet.

The KWADRON Sublime Cartridges feature a flat bottom needle-moving system. This prevents twisting during tattooing, which leads to improved precision. It also features a special surface on the tip’s interior walls to promote better ink flow. These features are the key to ensuring that you’ll achieve the best tattooing results possible. This revolutionary system makes tattooing more precise than ever before.

Optima line of ultra-fine needles:

The industry’s pioneers created the Optima line of ultra-fine tattoo needles from Kwadron. Their ultra-sharp needles allow tattoo artists to create soft shading and perfect crisp lines. Their fast deposit speed reduces trauma to the skin. Artists who perform body art using these needles often rave about the benefits of the Optima needles. The company has also started distributing these ultra-fine tattoo needles in other parts of the country.

The unique needle stabilization system:

The unique needle stabilization system of KWADRON cartridges makes this brand of tattoo needles stand out in the industry. The needles are made of medical-grade plastic to reduce friction and maintain sharpness. Tattoo artists design these cartridges for tattoo artists. Aside from this, they are also made to be reusable. The unique needle stabilization system is guaranteed to keep your needles sharp and sharper for longer.

Safety membrane:

Many cartridges are available, but KWADRON is well known for its high-quality needles. Their needles are made of special stainless steel and medical-grade plastic. The needles are razor-sharp and remain sharp for a long time, and they feature a unique stabilization system that ensures they stay sharp. The safety membrane on KWADRON cartridges helps prevent ink from entering the needle’s grip.