September 30, 2022

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake – Things You Probably Don’t Know About It.

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake - Things You Probably Don't Know About It.

In this article, we’ll discuss the features of a CNC hydraulic press brake, what you should expect from it, and how you can program it using CAD software. In addition, we’ll talk about how the machine’s inverter-controlled servo motors drive the press. This machine can program holes on virtually any part, and a common cause of the error is improper tooling selection.

CAD software allows you to draw a hole anywhere on a part

CAD software allows you to design things on a computer screen and use them in real-world applications. It is widely used in engineering and architecture and continues to expand in applications. With the rise in the popularity of 3D printing, there are many ways to create designs. There are many types of CAD software, including AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Read on to learn more about CAD and how it can benefit you.

CAD software allows you to program a hydraulic press brake

CNC press brakes have several advantages. They offer a great variety of options for bending metal, including the ability to bend in multiple directions at once. Depending on the part’s complexity, a CNC hydraulic press brake will have additional axes for control. This is not the case for simple bends, usually influenced only by a single axis. CNC hydraulic press brakes are also useful for bottoming and air bending, among other processes.

Inverter-controlled servo motors are used to drive the machine.

The main difference between a conventional and a CNC hydraulic press brake is their control system. A traditional hydraulic press brake uses a mechanical lever to operate the machine’s major components. CNC machines use inverter-controlled servo motors to control all of these components. These advantages make CNC hydraulic press brakes more efficient and versatile. In addition, they can reduce cycle time and improve throughput production.

Improper tooling selection is a leading cause of errors on a CNC hydraulic press brake.

One of operators’ most common mistakes on a CNC hydraulic press brake is incorrect tooling selection. Press brakes can only handle a certain amount of tonnage, and using too much can damage tools or create safety hazards. Additionally, improper tooling selection can result in the incorrect radius being created partly, changing the bend deduction. This can lead to a different and incorrect final part. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the tooling for any job carefully.