December 5, 2022

Why Put a Mattress on a Box Spring? Here are the Reasons!

Why Put a Mattress on a Box Spring? Here are the Reasons!

There are several reasons to put a mattress on a box spring. In addition to providing extra support for the mattress, the box spring adds height to the bed. If you want to sleep on the floor, you will have to stand up when getting in and out of bed. It is also more challenging to get in and out of bed when the mattress is directly on the floor. The following are some benefits of buying a mattress in a box.

Placement on the floor is unsanitary:

The mattress on the floor can collect dirt and dander. This could lead to dangerous mold growth. Additionally, the mattress on the bottom does not breathe well so that that excess heat will build up. The mattress on a box spring is more comfortable and will last longer. This is a great benefit for everyone. However, you can also opt to purchase a cheap, thin box spring to put your new mattress on.

Allows the mattress to breathe better:

The box spring helps absorb body weight and extends the warranty period for your mattress. It also allows the mattress to breathe better. A box spring is essential because it helps to keep the mattress fresh. It will enable the air to reach all parts of the mattress. This improves the quality of sleep, reducing the chance of back pain. It is also essential to know that you will have fewer aches and pains when sleeping.

Allows more air to flow around and through the mattress:

A box spring is helpful in many situations. It allows more air to flow around and through the mattress, which keeps you more relaxed. It also gives you more support when you sleep on a platform bed. It is also helpful if you have a high-height mattress. It can raise the height of your bed. This is a significant advantage. The size of the bed is vital for the comfort of its occupants.

Increase the life of the mattress:

Another reason to use a box spring is that it can increase the life of the mattress. The foundation is essential for a mattress to be supported. Without a box spring, it will hit the floor and damage the mattress. Hence, it is best to use a box spring for a mattress. They will also protect the foundation from damage and ensure that the mattress will last longer. If you have a high-quality box spring, you can place it under a brand new one.